In 2010 DeepStore was appointed as the trusted archive supplier for Liverpool Libraries when secure storage was required for 2.5 years whilst the Central Library & Archive was under refurbishment. 

DeepStore was entrusted to take responsibility for the rare and hugely valuable archives, prints, engravings and books stored. 

The range of items included the £8,000,000 volumes by Audubon, Birds of America, described as the greatest natural history book ever produced. 

During that period DeepStore house more than 23.7km of archives for the Liverpool Central Library & Archive.

DeepStore was able to offer a flexible service which allowed the Library to retrieve archives throughout the refurbishment period. 

In 2013 they were then responsible for preparing the valuable collections for their return to the Library.

David Stoker, Liverpool Central Library & Archive Manager said:

“We chose DeepStore to store our most valuable collections based on their unique underground storage solutions and fantastic service levels.

Over the period that we used DeepStore they were hugely reliable, professional and we knew that our rare books were being cared for and handled in the correct way and in the best conditions.

We had to have a storage supplier that we trusted 100%, and that was DeepStore.”