Here at DeepStore, we pride ourselves on our commitment to the environment and sustainability, which we achieve due to the very unique nature of DeepStore itself and our unique facility.

DeepStore is ISO 14001 certified, this is an assurance that our commitment to minimising our impact on the environment is reflected in everything we do.

All DeepStore delivery vehicles have tracking systems and modern engines to ensure the most efficient route scheduling and best emission performance possible.

In addition to this, we have recently upgraded the entirety of our underground records delivery fleet to electric-powered vehicles. DeepStore is committed to minimising waste and we utilise recycling, reuse or energy recovery technologies to ensure no waste is sent directly to landfill. 

Minimising our environmental impact

Through utilising and improving on the existing wealth of underground space at our Winsford site we are able to offer our exemplary services without the environmental effects involved in constructing a new facility. 

Capitalising on the naturally dry and stable environment of the mine, which is at a continuous temperature of 15ºC all year round and maintains a humidity level of 55%, we are able to eliminate the CO2 emissions that are involved in environmental control.

This allows for storage and preservation with minimal additional energy required. DeepStore also reuses underground void space that has been created by mineral extraction, resulting in unlimited expansion potential with no need to build additional surface warehouses.

The Winsford site has an active protected species program with biodiversity zones, which contain numerous artificial bird and bat boxes, all monitored by trained ecologists.

In 2019 DeepStore received the first jars of honey from a continuing initiative with a local beekeeping group who maintain hives in a protected area of the site.