Heritage Document Storage

DeepStore are specialists in artefact, archaeological archive and historical document preservation.

Providing the highest levels of BS EN 16893:2018 compliant storage with bespoke solutions tailored to meet your archival requirements, you can be assured your assets will be in the safest hands.

What is specialist heritage storage?

From valued historical documents to artefacts and fragile items that have cultural and historical significance, items of monetary and educational value from history must be preserved to the highest standard. 

Museums along with many other organisations have ensured items recovered over thousands of years have been restored, maintained and displayed for the benefit of the public for generations, however, when items aren’t on display or being restored, it is important to have a secure storage solution in place to preserve for the generations to come. 

Our heritage storage solutions have been providing businesses and organisations with unrivalled specialist storage solutions for many years and have become the trusted storage solution for The National Archives, The Royal Horticultural Society, and Colchester Museum to name a few.

Heritage archive and artefact storage

Our employees are trained in the handling of rare, fragile material, including archaeological archives and finds. Designated members of our team have also undergone specialist collection care document handling training with The National Archives.

DeepStore has a large heritage client portfolio that require the highest levels of security, handling and environmental conditions for their collections.

With collections consisting of rare art, musical instruments and archaeological material in addition to important manuscripts and historical records, DeepStore has the perfect environment.

Heritage storage solutions

As specialists in providing expert heritage storage and archive solutions that uphold the integrity of any historical document, artefact, object or item, we will help your organisation find the right solution for you.

Our team are always happy to advise customers and clients on the best course of action in order to ensure their items are stored in a secure environment that meet their specific requirements.

If you would like to learn more about how our team can help please get in touch today.

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