DeepStore began managing sensitive records of Flintshire County Council in 2004 and our working relationship has continued to flourish since then.

In 2009 the Council initiated a process to select one supplier to manage their records proactively and look after the majority of their corporate records archive.

DeepStore was awarded this contract on the basis of their past service and future potential.

The transfer of these 17,500 boxes – the equivalent of 6 kilometres of storage – was completed in less than six months.

All offsite archive material is now located at DeepStore’s unique underground storage facility in Winsford, which meets the environmental standard for the Storage of Archival Documents, PD 5454:2012.

The assets, although underground, are easily accessible due to the nextday and same-day delivery service within a 40 mile radius.

In addition to this the free online ordering system allows Flintshire County Council to run off reports and access information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

David Bridge from Flintshire County Council said:

“As an information professional, it is comforting to know how seriously DeepStore takes data protection and information security. I consider their overall performance and customer service to be second to none. I have never over a number of years come across any member of staff that will not go above and beyond normal service.”