Oldham Local Studies and Archives contacted DeepStore regarding a temporary storage solution, as they needed to vacate their premises, a former Post Office building.

With the Imminent move to their new premises scheduled for 2025, Oldham Local Studies and Archives were seeking a temporary and secure storage solution to ensure the preservation and security of their collection during this transition period.

The Project Scope

The project encompassed the preparation, packing, and palletising of Oldham’s Local Studies and Archives, which comprised an extensive collection including 8608 boxes, 169 loose plans, 1872 volumes, 17 plan chests, and 29 filing cabinets. Among the collection were historical records dating back to 1849, encompassing council records, plans for mills and factories in the Oldham area, and local history books and newspapers.


Prior to the uplift, the DeepStore project team collaborated with Oldham Local Studies and Archives to understand their unique requirements and expectations. Through regular meetings, we ensured alignment with the client’s needs while devising the most efficient and meticulous approach to the project whilst ensuring the highest level of care for the collections. With a tight two-week timeframe, thorough planning was paramount to success.


DeepStore deployed its specialist handling team to execute the uplift seamlessly. Despite challenges posed by the former Post Office building’s layout, including narrow corridors and tight stairwells, our team navigated the logistical complexities with precision and care. The absence of a lift necessitated strategic manoeuvring to relocate the collection spread across three floors, particularly from the basement. Despite these obstacles, the uplift was completed two days ahead of schedule, demonstrating our commitment to efficiency and professionalism.

“We have really enjoyed working with DeepStore on this project. Dan and his team did an exceptional job, navigating the narrow corridors, steep stairs, and twists and turns of this former Post Office building, moving collections from across three floors with no lift. Seeing them move our plan chests for the Stott collection of architectural drawings was quite something. Throughout the move, the team showed our collections the same care and respect that we show them in looking after them for posterity.”

Jan Hicks, Archivist at Oldham Local Studies and Archives.