DeepStore was contacted by a museum within a university in 2021 to store over 1000 antique and new picture frames and over 3000 catalogues, books and volumes.

DeepStore currently manages an extensive portfolio of artefacts, library and heritage collections, including archaeological finds, meaning we were confident that we could create a bespoke storage solution that was specific to the client’s needs.


The picture frames were packaged and secured individually in bubble wrap by our specialist handling team and the other items were separately wrapped in acid-free paper. Our staff have received special training in the handling of rare, fragile material, including archaeological archives and finds so they were able to handle the items with confidence.

All items were then loaded into boxes, wooden crates weighing over 80kgs and filling cabinets weighing over 100kgs that were then moved and palletised.


The items were then moved to one of our PD5454 specification storage rooms. These storage rooms exceed the recommended BS EN 16893:2018 standard and can be tailored to bespoke specifications.

Working to the deadline

After the first day on the job, we decided that in order to meet the deadline set by the client, we would need to add more of the DeepStore team to the job. Throughout the project, there was more inventory added and the time frame was lessened meaning the team had to work extremely hard to ensure that we met the customer’s needs.

The DeepStore team faced several challenges throughout the project including spiral staircases, limited stand-down area (3 pallets max) and a one-way system, making the job more complex.

We worked together as a team to overcome these challenges and completed the project within the timescale set by the client and exceeded their expectations.