DeepStore was contacted earlier this year by Liverpool University’s Victoria Gallery & Museum as they required an offsite facility to securely and safely store 332 individual pieces of artwork.

The Project Scope

The team were tasked with securely storing all 332 items including large paintings and archive boxes. The project entailed DeepStore’s specialised handling team who carefully packaged the large paintings, worked closely with the customer and completed regular review meetings to ensure the uplift ran smoothly.


Deepstore’s specialist handling team prepared the items for uplift, ensuring that they carefully packaged the large paintings and archives using acid-free paper, high-strength bubble wrap, archive boxes and pallets.

The team have received special training in the handling of rare, fragile material, including archaeological archives and finds so they were able to handle the items with confidence.


The DeepStore team used a newly customised handling pod to securely transport the artwork and archival material into the DeepStore repository.

DeepStore’s handling pod has been carefully designed to ensure valuable items and artwork of all shapes and sizes are secure and safely transferred into the DeepStore repositories. The handling pod contains padding and secure straps to keep items secure and protected whilst in transit. Inflatable cushioning can also be used in the handling pod to provide an extra level of protection for fragile items, ensuring peace of mind for our clients.


The large artwork has been stored within DeepStore’s Pallet Store and the smaller artwork has been securely stored in cardboard dolavs. DeepStore’s Pallet Store located within the mine is naturally free from UV light, flooding and vermin and offers consistent temperature and humidity levels, proving perfectly secure conditions for preservation.


The DeepStore team completed the project several days before the proposed completion date requested by the client in February 2023.

Nicola, Head of Museums & Galleries said “Myself and the team were really happy with the professionalism of DeepStore, the team were fantastic and a pleasure to work with.”

Photos: Artwork in handling pod