DeepStore is delighted to have been featured in a recent Mail Online article about the Laura Ashley fashion archive that is stored at our Winsford facility. The article gives a fantastic insight into the Laura Ashely brand as well as providing the story of our below-ground storage facility.

The history of Laura Ashley

For decades, the name Laura Ashley has been synonymous with style and sophistication. From the quaint floral designs to the intricate detailing, the timeless legacy of this iconic British fashion house lives on today.

Founded by Bernard and Laura Ashley in 1953, the company first began as a small business that focused on creating decorative screen-printed fabric. Over the years, the brand evolved to become a global powerhouse in home furnishings, apparel, and accessories. With a focus on creating beautiful, quality pieces that last, Laura Ashley has become a design leader and a beloved favourite of many. From its humble beginnings, the legacy of Laura Ashley has grown to become a timeless classic, an embodiment of style and elegance.

Fashion archive at DeepStore

After seeing much success as a brand, the firm finally folded in 2020. Worldwide advisory and investment group, Gordon Brothers bought the brand and intellectual property rights and made the fantastic decision to preserve the archive, choosing to store everything from the London and Wales headquarters at DeepStore.

Safe and secure storage

The safeguarding of our client’s assets is of the utmost importance to us and we stringently manage the custody chain of all material in our care. Our distinctive underground storage is also free from vermin, flooding and UV light, and is a secure and sustainable alternative to above-ground storage.

We are delighted that the Laura Ashley brand has chosen to store a collection of rare and fragile pieces with us and we feel it is a testament to the secure storage facility that we have created.

To discover more about the Laura Ashley fashion archive, you can read the full article here. Or, if you would like to learn more about our secure, long-term storage options, please get in touch by calling 0345 056 5759 or filling out our simple enquiry form.