The financial and legal sectors have specific storage needs, with data protection playing a vital role. Businesses are often required to keep sensitive documents for long periods, meaning secure long-term storage is essential for both industries, to protect their client’s confidential information, as well as the business’s own data.

Whether it’s a bank storing records of customers’ financial activities or a law firm storing contracts, it’s imperative that the data remains secure at all times, yet available for retrieval With that said, there are several reasons that secure, long-term storage is essential for businesses within these industries…

Long-term storage for the finance and legal sectors

Increased security

Data security is a top priority for people working within the financial and legal sectors. Businesses within these industries handle sensitive data daily and, if this data were to become compromised, it could lead to significant losses. Therefore, these documents must be stored correctly, within a safe and secure facility. However, unfortunately, the majority of businesses that work from offices don’t have room for storage facilities. Here at DeepStore, our storage facilities are unique. Our distinctive underground storage is free from vermin, flooding and UV light, and is a secure and sustainable alternative to above-ground storage.

Just because documents are stored securely underground, that doesn’t mean they can’t be retrieved. We provide next-day retrievals as standard, and same-day scan on-demand services.

Compliance with regulations

Secure document storage is of utmost importance, particularly in industries where documents need to be kept for regulatory purposes for long periods. Particularly under new GDPR rules. With our secure, long-term storage solutions, organisations can securely store documents for the required retention period, making regulatory compliance much easier. In addition, long-term storage can make it easier for organisations to perform audits, including detailed reviews and document verification. Audit and compliance teams can quickly and easily access archived records as needed.

Scalability and flexibility

Organisations within the legal and financial sectors, deal with high volumes of data that need to be stored for long periods. And, the majority of businesses, don’t have the facilities to house these records. Therefore, these organisations can benefit hugely from the scalability and flexibility of secure storage solutions, allowing them to scale up or down as needed.

Why choose DeepStore for your secure, long-term storage?

DeepStore has worked with the financial and legal sectors for many years. During that time we have developed a unique understanding of the storage needs of these industries. Our expert team understands the importance of precision, especially when it comes to retaining confidential documentation under strict guidelines, as well as ensuring a quick and efficient turnaround.

Our financial & legal document storage services include:

  • GDPR Compliance
  • O’Neil Technology for full chain of custody & tracking of records
  • DeepStore Online Customer Portal
  • Scan-on-Demand
  • Indexing of records
  • Secure Destruction Services
  • Next-day retrieval and collection as standard
  • Delivery receipts
  • Onsite inspection rooms for audits

So, if you require secure, long-term storage that is GDPR compliant, get in touch today by calling 0345 056 5759 or filling out our simple enquiry form. Our dedicated team will discuss your requirements and provide a cost-effective solution that meets your needs.