One of the UK’s best known storage providers, DeepStore Records Management, is celebrating a milestone having reached over 2 million boxes of assets, which are stored within Britain’s largest salt mine. 

The company, which is part of the Compass Minerals group, set up in Winsford, Cheshire, in 1998, is now aiming to increase the number of boxes it stores to 3.5 million in the next 12 months. It already operates vault space the size of 700 football pitches with items under current management equating to 3.25 million cubic feet. 

DeepStore has more than 1,000 public and private sector clients including the National Archives and the Royal Society, as well as pharmaceutical, legal and financial organisations, police forces and the healthcare industry. 

It created the underground storage facility from the space left following the extraction of millions of tonnes of rock salt from sister company Salt Union’s mine. 

The mine, 150 metres below ground, is ideal for storing documents as it has consistent temperature and humidity levels that meet the specifications of British Standard PD5454. Its storage areas also are naturally free from ultraviolet light, vermin and flooding. 

“We’re excited that DeepStore has reached its current level of activity and more is yet to come,” says Craig Trimby, DeepStore’s head of sales. 

“This year will see the company taking over space for yet another 1 million boxes, taking DeepStore’s capacity to more than 4 million boxes, or 5.2 million cubic feet,” added Mr Trimby. “We have the capacity to expand to over 500 million cubic feet so there will never be a shortage of space.” 

The company is committed to a total storage solution for its customers with over-ground storage facilities in the Bow and Wallington areas near London. Clients of DeepStore’s door-to-door nationwide service have also benefited in the past year from a scan-on-demand service.