Museums and galleries are important structures in today’s society, providing an insight into the history of mankind and bringing it to life. However, behind the scenes, there lies a unique challenge: correctly storing and preserving artefacts, artworks and archives. From archaeological finds to invaluable artwork, each piece requires careful preservation to ensure its continued longevity and help us tell its story in the future. In this blog, we unravel the unique challenges of heritage specialist storage and how DeepStore can help.…

Limited storage space

Many museums and galleries have purpose-built areas for storing heritage pieces and artefacts, however, this is not the case for all. As the significance of heritage collections continues to grow and archaeological discoveries are made, these institutions often struggle with limited storage space. This is particularly true as permanent collections remain on display, leaving less room for storing artefacts and archives.

In the face of this challenge, DeepStore is a reliable partner for organisations looking to safely and securely store their heritage collections. Our industry-leading storage facilities offer unlimited capacity for safekeeping heritage collections, ensuring their stories are preserved for generations to come.

Our London facility is conveniently located to provide same-day and two-hour collections and retrievals to organisations in central London and its surrounding boroughs. Meanwhile, our Cheshire location provides unlimited space for archives and artefact storage, located within Winsford’s rock salt mine. The vast space within Winsford’s rock salt mine offers the ideal storage environment, with a natural year-round temperature of 15ºC and a steady relative humidity of 55%. DeepStore manages an extensive portfolio of artefacts, libraries and heritage collections here. Regardless of the size of your collection, DeepStore is perfectly positioned for your heritage specialist storage.

Storage conditions

A second challenge of heritage specialist storage comes with the environmental conditions of the facilities they are kept in. Temperature fluctuations, unstable humidity levels and inadequate air circulation pose constant threats and lead to issues such as dampness, mould, and the gradual deterioration of artworks, artefacts and materials. Light exposure also contributes to this challenge, causing yellowing, fading and bleaching across archives. It is also important to note that the impact of climate change on weather patterns can accelerate building deterioration.

In ensuring the long-term preservation of heritage collections, continuous monitoring of their storage conditions is essential. A climate-controlled space has become a necessity, and DeepStore recognises that each heritage collection comes with its own unique set of specifications for storage and preservation. Our storage rooms not only comply with the recommended BS EN 16893:2018 standard but also surpass the PD5454 standards, all while being customisable to your unique requirements.

At DeepStore, the safeguarding of your heritage collections is paramount. Our storage facility in Winsford is a naturally secure environment that offers a high level of protection from hazards, including:

  • Natural protection from vermin, flooding, UV light and fire
  • VESDA fire detection in all units
  • A bespoke humidity and temperature-controlled environment, which is constantly monitored
  • Ultra Secure 150m underground with no visible entrance

Careful handling

Heritage collections are unique, valuable insights into the past, and their handling requires meticulous planning and the implementation of specific processes – the improper care and handling of collections can lead to accidental damage. Careful handling is vital from preparing items for collection, through to transportation, to the storage of these invaluable collections.

DeepStore understands the importance of heritage specialist storage, which is why handling these collections begins with thorough planning. Our expert team will manage the entire transition to our facilities, having gained a detailed understanding of the collection in question. We maintain a full audit trail and complete chain of custody to offer transparency and accountability throughout the process, plus all our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking as standard.

Our heritage team has undergone specialist training in handling rare, fragile material, and designated team members have received document-handling training with The National Archives. This training ensures our team possess the expertise required and adhere to safe handling practices, guaranteeing each archive and artefact is treated with the care it deserves.


The detailed and accurate cataloguing of your heritage specialist collections is a cornerstone of preservation. Beyond the ease of traceability, cataloguing is vital for maintaining historical accuracy, supporting research, and ensuring that any changes are correctly reflected.

DeepStore understands the importance of accurate documentation and its role in the long-term management of heritage collections, and future-proofing history. Our industry-leading services are about facilitating the secure storage and effective monitoring of your records, allowing you to protect our heritage. With cutting-edge document scanning, you can seamlessly transition to digital cataloguing. Remote access to your collections allows you to manage and track your assets with precision, all under the protection of state-of-the-art digital security systems. Whilst also minimising the handling of original documents, thus mitigating the risks of deterioration to your collections.

Specialists in heritage preservation

At DeepStore, we recognise and appreciate the distinctive challenges that accompany each heritage collection. We have a great deal of experience working with the heritage sector, and entrusting us with the storage and preservation of your collections means you can benefit from our team’s expert knowledge in navigating these complexities. We’re dedicated to working closely with you, and from initial planning, cataloguing and preparing collections for transportation, will guide you through each step of the way.

Check out our recent case study, where we dive into the transportation and secure storage of 332 individual pieces of artwork for Liverpool University’s Victoria Gallery & Museum.

Our industry-leading services cover a broad range of areas, providing peace of mind that your heritage collections are safely and securely managed at our unique facilities. This supports the heritage sector’s goal of conservation, restoration and preservation. From secure storage to digital services, DeepStore’s services are unmatched, and you can learn more about them here.

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