Manchester Central Library’s archives team, both staff and volunteers, visited DeepStore to see their collection of archives and the process involved to track and retrieve their items when required. Manchester Central Library have written an interesting blog covering their visit to DeepStore and we were thrilled to receive lovely feedback for their time visiting us!

Manchester archive collections

DeepStore has been entrusted to store Manchester Central Library’s archive collections in a secure, temperature and humidity-controlled environment. We were thrilled to show the team around our unique underground storage facility on our ‘Mine Tour Bus’. Our handy bus is useful to show our customers around DeepStore as the vast space of the mine is continuing to grow every year due to the rock salt mining taking place – today it’s the size of 700 football pitches!

During the tour of our facility, we took the team to their repository so they could see how their archival boxes and items were stored with care. We also demonstrated how they could track their archives through the use of digital barcode scanners. This enables secure and easy tracking of the collections, and also supports their speedy location for retrieval, either by our handy scan-on-demand solution or hard copy delivery.

Safe and secure storage

The safeguarding of our client’s assets is of the utmost importance to us, and our industry-leading underground storage facility provides a fantastic alternative to above-ground facilities, free from vermin, flooding, and UV light. Here, at DeepStore, we also operate a mature Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001.

We stringently manage the custody chain of all material in our care, including Manchester Central Library’s archives. We were delighted to be chosen for their archive storage and management, and look forward to continuing to work together into the future!

“I had an amazing time visiting DeepStore for the first time. It was a really enjoyable and interesting experience, tailored to the items stored for Manchester.

The staff were very knowledgeable, answered all our questions and made us feel safe and comfortable going down the mine.

I hadn’t realised how vast the storage was there and it was great to see the other side of the process which is really useful for my role in archives.

I would definitely recommend to my colleagues!”

Siobhan O’Connor, Manchester Central Library

To learn more about Manchester Central Library’s visit to DeepStore, you can read their full blog here. If you would like to learn more about our distinctive facility and secure storage options, get in touch with our friendly team today! Call us at 0345 056 5759 or fill out our simple enquiry form, and we’ll be sure to be in touch.