At DeepStore, we aren’t just committed to giving our customers the best possible storage solutions, we also want to make the world a better place and a key part of that is our commitment to sustainability and in particular, the local wildlife that call our facility their home.

Our team have worked hard over several years to ensure we have a robust ecological management system in place to make DeepStore and Compass Minerals as kind to our local environment as possible.

Our ecological management zones

We are proud to operate a protected species program. We have created two ecological management zones, which are located in our woodlands at our site in Winsford, Cheshire.

Pictured: Grass snakes located within our ecological zone

These areas are protected and monitored annually by a professional ecologist, to ensure the wildlife is not disturbed, and that they have the best possible opportunity to thrive in their natural environment. 

Pictured: Log habitat and bats within their bat box

We have also installed bird and bat boxes, which are vital additions that can help birds and bats breed safely, in addition to log piles and artificial habitations, all of which are located within the protected ecological areas.

Our team also carries out an annual otter survey, gathering evidence of otter activity. To date, they have collected evidence that shows otters regularly use the areas of the land adjacent to the River Weaver.

50,000 honey bees live on site

Did you know that our Winsford location is also home to over 50,000 honey bees? We have 4 beehives located in our wildlife garden onsite which are cared for by Steven Holt, a local beekeeper who visits each week to tend to the bees.

Pictured: Steven Holt, local beekeeper

Raised Planters

We’re also very passionate about maintaining the unique flora and fauna at our Winsford site, which is why we have recently installed two raised planters and sowed edible lettuce and strawberries for our employees to enjoy during the summer months in addition to planting additional wildflowers for our bees.

Popi Curran, Quality and Compliance Officer said:

“I am really impressed with how the company is planning forward with the environment in mind. A greener environment means a better future for all of us.”

We look forward to continuing our efforts to be more sustainable and help the wildlife around us thrive.