DeepStore are ISO 14001 certified and is dedicated to protecting the environment to ensure your document and artefact storage is as sustainable as possible! Read on to find out how the DeepStore team are paving the way for an eco-friendly alternative to above-ground storage facilities with our unique approaches.

Creative use of land

DeepStore’s innovative use of Britain’s largest pre-existing rock salt mine and repurposing of it into a document storage facility speaks volumes about our commitment to the environment! Making DeepStore the green solution to comprehensive document and valuable asset storage, in terms of both quality and cost!

Energy-saving room temperature control

DeepStore ensures that your documents and artefacts are stored at a continuous optimal temperature of 15 degrees Celsius, with a maintained humidity level of 55%. The naturally dry and stable environment of the mine provides these optimal conditions which enable DeepStore to reduce the CO2 emissions involved in environmental control. When compared to records management companies using warehouses above ground that require constant temperature control, DeepStore is at the cutting edge of sustainable record storage.

Eco-friendly vehicles

Here at DeepStore, our underground fleet vehicles are electric powered to reduce our carbon footprint. What’s more, DeepStore are FORS Bronze certified, and our transport vehicles are equipped with tracking systems and modern engines to ensure the most efficient route is taken, further reducing our carbon emissions. Whether we’re above ground or below ground, we’re working hard to ensure that all our vehicles are eco-friendly!

Our biodiversity zones

DeepStore is proud to have an active protected species program. At the woodlands in our Winsford site in Cheshire, you can find our two biodiversity zones with many artificial bird and bat boxes to help protect the local wildlife and provide safe nesting areas. We have also created log piles and artificial habitats for larger animals such as otters; our annual otter survey has shown that otters regularly use our biodiversity zones in the areas next to the river Weaver! As well as mammals, DeepStore also has over 50,000 honeybees living on our Winsford location, with four beehives on our site cared for by a dedicated local beekeeper.

wildlife at deepstore blog cover image

Flora is just as important to us as fauna, which is why the DeepStore team also grows fruit and vegetables such as lettuce and strawberries on our Winsford site. We also make sure our honeybees are happy by growing a wildflower meadow for them to harvest pollen from. Both of our wildlife conservation areas are monitored by trained ecologists with a deep passion for protecting our local wildlife.

The future of sustainable storage

Our team at DeepStore are excited to be part of the future of sustainable document storage, and we’re eager to see how eco-friendly solutions will develop in years to come! You can read more about our approach to sustainability here, and contact us today using our enquiry form.