Boodle Hatfield LLP, one of the country’s leading law firms, has awarded DeepStore a three-year contract extension. 

The new deal will involve the transfer of 70 percent of Boodle Hatfield’s 26,000 storage boxes to DeepStore’s climate-controlled vaults in Britain’s largest salt mine in Winsford, Cheshire. 

The remaining storage boxes, which contain the lawyers’ most frequently accessed files, will continue to be housed at DeepStore’s Bromley-by-Bow facility where they can be retrieved and delivered to their office within two hours of request. 

Andrew Wansell, chief operating officer at Boodle Hatfield, said: “We were very happy to extend our contract with DeepStore. The combination of a local site for immediate access and the Cheshire facility for our remaining files was the deciding factor.” 

Craig Trimby, head of sales at DeepStore, said: “We are delighted that Boodle Hatfield have chosen to extend their contract with us. Our two facilities offer a unique above ground and underground environment that enables easy access for frequently used files and archive storage for documents that are needed on a less frequent basis.” 

Boodle Hatfield LLP has been in business since 1722. The firm acts for wealthy individuals, families, property owners and businesses in the United Kingdom and internationally. 

DeepStore, which is part of Compass Minerals®, created the underground storage facility from the space left following the extraction of millions of tonnes of rock salt from sister company Salt Union’s mine. 

The mine, 150 metres below ground, is ideal for storing documents as it has consistent temperature and humidity levels that meet the specifications of PD 5454. Its storage areas also are naturally free from ultraviolet light, vermin and flooding. 

DeepStore’s clients includes The National Archives, the Royal Society, SOAS and Wellcome Trust.