Records management is a critical aspect of any business, particularly as now, more than ever, businesses across all industries are generating and storing vast amounts of data daily. From financial records to employee information and customer details, the volume of information can quickly become overwhelming. That’s where records management comes in. This blog will explain the benefits of records management and why you should choose DeepStore.

What is records management?

Records management is the practice of identifying, classifying, storing, and disposing of records in an organised and efficient manner. It involves the creation of policies and procedures that govern the entire lifecycle of a record, from its creation to its eventual disposal. 

What are the top benefits of records management?

Records management offers numerous benefits for businesses of all sizes and industries including:

Freeing up your office space

Paper records take up valuable office space, which can be particularly challenging for small businesses that operate with limited space. By implementing a records management system, you can store your business’s physical or digital records in an offsite location, allowing you to utilise the space more effectively.

Increased organisation and efficiency 

Another significant benefit of records management is improving efficiency and productivity within your business. Effective records management involves storing information in a structured and easily accessible manner, reducing the time required to locate and retrieve information. Documents stored at DeepStore are easily retrievable with collection available the next day as standard.

Regulatory compliance 

Records management can help ensure that your business complies with legal and regulatory requirements related to data privacy, security and retention. By using a records management company, you can securely store documents for the required retention period, making regulatory compliance much easier. We can manage your document retention dates and let you know when documents are due for destruction.

Peace of mind

Effective records management can provide you with peace of mind by ensuring that your records are stored securely and can be easily accessed when needed. Storing your records offsite ensures that you know exactly what information you have, where it is and when it should be destroyed. Here at DeepStore, we can index your documents to help you become more organised and know exactly what documents you have.

Documents can be digitally accessible

If you’re on your way to going digital with all your documents but you’re not quite there yet, an effective hybrid system could be the answer, where you store both physical and digital documents. By storing offsite with DeepStore, your documents can be digitally accessible via our scan and demand service and accessed through our secure customer portal. It’s as easy as that!

Why choose DeepStore? 

DeepStore works with businesses and organisations across the UK, providing unrivalled Records Management Services for clients across various sectors.

We combine comprehensive storage solutions, state-of-the-art technology, compliance and unmatched security to provide an unrivalled service to companies and organisations nationwide.

So, what are you waiting for? If you require an efficient and secure records management service for your business, get in touch today. To speak to a member of our specialist team, call us on 0345 056 5759 or fill out our simple enquiry form.