Welcome to DeepStore

DeepStore was established in 1998 to take advantage of a unique storage space - the underground void that was created when millions of tonnes of salt were removed from Compass Minerals UK's rock salt mine in Cheshire, Britain’s largest salt mine.

The mine, 150 metres underground, has consistent temperature and humidity levels and is naturally free from the dangers of ultraviolet light, vermin or flooding. It is the size of 700 football pitches and continues to grow as a million tonnes of salt is mined every year.

Treasured paintings, historical records and architectural models are among the items on our underground shelves. We also manage up-to-date archiving for financial institutions, police departments, universities, architects and hospitals.

In 2007, DeepStore acquired two locations in the London metropolitan area, creating a comprehensive, nationwide records management resource.

Our mission is to offer professional records management solutions that provide long-term cost savings for our customers and the optimal environment for their records.

DeepStore and Compass Minerals UK are both part of the group of companies owned by Compass Minerals. For more information about these companies, please visit www.compassmineralsuk.com or www.compassminerals.com.

DeepStore is also associated with a number of records management professional bodies.